Argan Oil Shampoo 250ml

    Argan Oil Shampoo 250ml

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      Say goodbye to dry, damaged hair and hello to silkier, shinier, frizz free and healthier hair!

      Most shampoos don’t do much to heal and restore the hair. They simply coat it with Silicone (Dimethicone) to make it look better but the protein structure (inside) is still damaged.

      Our shampoo contains NO HARSH CHEMICALS like SULFATES (SLS, SLES, ALS, ALES) that strip hair of it’s natural oils and can further damage the vital structure of the hair, leading to dryness, thinning or even hair loss.

      Our Premium Sulfate-free Shampoo is a blend of rich natural ingredients and the amazing miracle oil, Argan. This gentle formula cleanses the hair while nourishing it with Argan Oil, Silk Protein, Panthenol and Nutrients.


      Argan Oil: touted as “Liquid Gold” is naturally rich in Antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Vit.E and Squalene.

      • Repairs and nourishes damaged hair
      • Moisturizes instantly and prevents split ends
      • Restores shine

      Reduces frizz


      Silk Protein: Derived from one of the strongest fibers in the world.

      • Strengthens the hair, preventing breakage.
      • Strengthens the hair cuticle, reducing frizz making it softer and smoother.


      Panthenol: penetrates each strand to help strengthen, moisturize and repair hair.

      • Helps with hair growth.
      • Helps hair retain moisture in the cortex and surface,leaving it shinier.